Welcome to my webpage!!

My name is Craig Snoeyink and I am working on my doctorate in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue. I am a research assistant in the Microfluidics Laboratory and like writing boring sentences. Ha! Seriously though, I am focusing on the behavior of small particles in fluids under electric field and temperature gradients.


Some contact info:


craig.snoeyink at gmail.com

MSN: Aeternalis@hotmail.com


If you want my cell just email me.


Also you can find my schedule here.

And my thoughts on lots of things, mostly people related, here.


If you see Aeternalis somewhere or Noblepotatoe its probably me J

You have an option of choosing the old webpage:

Old Static Page   <-Much more content

Or, the new page that I will be working on:

New Awesome Page!!   <- Some more recent pictures and me just playing around with scripts and stuff.

Thu Jul 07 21:51:39 2005
Craig Snoeyink